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Ultra-Wide Stretched LCD

Atech provides innovative stretched LCD displays with the most eye catching effect, also known as bar type displays.

Our' series feature customized aspect ration such as 16:3, 16:6, 5:2, 2:1 etc.
It has focused on application of the various industries such as gaming and vending machine as well as replacement
of the conventional LED signage.  Through the integration of  professional cutting and high brightness display technology, you can expand your application field into the outdoor market with our's 

Size : 15", 18.5",19", 20", 21.5", 27",32"

Application Coverage

     *  Transportation : Subway, Airport, Train terminals etc.
     *  Advertisement : Shopping mall, Retail store, Restaurant etc.
     *  Gaming : Slot machine, Roulette, etc.
     *  Public information : Government, Elevator, Office, Museum etc.